Business & Network Intelligence

Capture, build and visualise intelligence through analysis of business-related data

Extract intelligence from shop-floor data


Improved  decision making based on the intelligence that is gathered from the processing and visualisation of shop-floor data. Seamless integration of diverse data sources enables in-depth analysis and improvements in operational, quality and productivity areas.  

Get insight into Network and Market Intelligence


Discover network and market intelligence extracted through the analysis of companies, their connections, relevant industries, regions and sectors. The network and market intelligence helps in exploring new business opportunities and addressing the dynamic of markets and industrial sectors. 

Walter Otto Müller is Using the B&NI Solution

Walter Otto Müller (WOM) is a manufacturing SME that supplies parts to various OEMs in the aerospace sector. While operating in a very competitive industrial sector, WOM is using the eFactory Business and Network Intelligence Service to discover latest trends within the aerospace sector.

The B&NI service allows WOM to analyse new products in aerospace domain, sought-after capabilities, new business opportunities and evolving networks of aerospace companies. The intelligence provided by the B&NI service enables WOM to tune their marketing strategies, be better prepared for market trends, be part of new business networks and make more informed business decisions.

Business and Network Intelligence Solution

Shop-floor Intelligence

Take advantage of the latest Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 solutions to increase the level of digitalisation at your shop-floor.  Capture, build and visualise the  data from various sources in the shop-floor to gain insight into hidden trends and intelligence concerning potential improvements in the shop-floor operational efficiency, production optimisation, resource efficiency, growth  margin and effective resource utilisation. 

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