Workflow and Service Automation Platform

WASP enables fast automation of processes, whether it is an internal process or orchestration of distributed activities in the supply chain.

Orchestrate activities at the level of company of supply chain 


Model processes by interlinking different activities on an intuitive web-based interface. Associate activities with automated services or manual human activities where data can be exchanged between the two. Execute several processes or multiple instance of the same process at any one time

Live quality monitoring of processes and services

Get live updates on process status and the monitor the orderly execution of different activities in each running process. WASP allows you to grow your processes vertically by aggregating processes within processes, and horizontally by connecting them to processes at different organisations.

Lagrama is Using WASP to Coordinate Supply Chain Activities

Lagrama, a furniture manufacturing company in Spain, is using WASP to get visibility of their supply chain activities. The supply chain processes of Lagrama are modelled in WASP and by connecting different partner activities in each process with web-services or manual/human tasks (where the partner needs to update the status of the task), Lagrama is able to get real-time visibility of their supply chain. This visibility allows Lagrama in early identification of risks, such as bottlenecks in the supply chain, and making adjustments in the processes to minimise the impact of risks. WASP is also being used to provide real-time updates to customers about the status of their orders.

​WASP Solutions

Process Editor

Create standard BPMN-based processes and DMN decision tables in a web-based editor that is designed to work for business users as well as developers. Link different activities in the process with web-services from the WASP Marketplace or assign activities to different users. Execute your process and decision models in a powerful BPMN execution engine that is integrated in WASP to support industrial strength process automation projects.

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